• Mission, Vision, Values

    Where does our inspiration come from? From our corporate culture, which challenges the future with creativity, know-how and a will of steel.

    Mission, Vision, Values


    To exceed our clients’ expectations by delivering the most innovative and high-performance solutions in the field of architectural openings.


    « Our purpose goes beyond what we sell. We’re using our business model to become the Americas’ leading quick-service manufacturer of steel doors and frames»



    From product design to final delivery, the client’s interests are at the core of our organization and our focus. Everything we do is defined by our dedication to the client – our responsiveness, our creativity and our expertise.


    We believe that the performance of our products reflects our company’s efficiency. We are therefore experts in the continuous improvement of manufacturing processes, management systems and cost control. 


    Research and development are of constant importance, both collectively and individually. Each employee is, with good reason, considered a creator, an inventor and a pillar of the avant-gardism upon which our reputation is built.


    We evaluate our accomplishments, our products and the brand image that they project always with a view to quality. This is a view without compromise, one that harnesses the expertise of our teams and our state-of-the-art equipment. 


    We believe that true competence comes from the combined effect of technical and personal skills. We place just as much value on experience, personal development and achievements as we do on qualifications, professional development and training. 

    Team spirit

    The driving force behind our story and our success, our team spirit brings together dynamic, motivated, responsible and dedicated men and women. It keeps us all moving in the same direction and maximizes our strengths every day.