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DE LA FONTAINE Industries offers you a wide range of galvanized or stainless steel doors and frames to choose from. These are available as standard products or more complex or custom-designed products. You choose the options that suit your project, as each product is made to order according to YOUR NEEDS.

Through eight manufacturing sites across North America, our team of almost 300 employees are dedicated to your whole satisfaction.

Standard and design doors

Standard and split frames

Our expertise
DE LA FONTAINE Industries is committed towards continued training for our employees in order to refine their knowledge of the industry.

Our experts can provide you with seminars that are accredited by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) for the very important Health Safety and Welfare (HSW) learning units. We offer three one hour seminars:

  • Fire Rated Hollow Metal Frames (Course number: 1HMFrame22)
  • Fire Rated Hollow Metal Doors (Course number: 2HMDoors22)
  • Codes and Standards Related to Hollow Metal Doors and Frames (Course number: 3CodesHMDF22)

We also have consultants that are accredited with the Door and Hardware Institute (DHI) and the Constructions Specification Institute (CSI) ; from Door Hardware Technicians (DHT’s) to Architectural Hardware Consultants (AHC’s) and Certified Door Consultants (CDC’s). These individuals can help you with product choices and your project specifications using recognized standards from the Steel Door Institute (SDI) as well as the Hollow Metal Manufacturers Association (HMMA).

Please contact us for more information.

DE LA FONTAINE Industries is present all across the North American territory, through a whole team of manufacturer’s representatives in USA, Canada and Mexico, and total of SEVEN manufacturing sites in the USA, in Woburn (MA), Hyattsville (MD), Grand Prairie (TX), Indianapolis (IN), Concord (NC), Orlando (FL) and Lebanon (TN).
Leadtime and service
DE LA FONTAINE Industries offers many possibilities related to shipping delays on most of standard or customized products:

  • 1-day turbo*
  • 3-5 days Express*
  • 7-10 days Fastlane*
  • 3 weeks Standard*

* Completion time
* Depending on capacity, projects complexity or times of the year, additional delays may apply
* Specific program may not be available in your region

Customer Service
Developing and maintaining a close relationship with our customers has always been at the heart of our mission.
That is why DE LA FONTAINE Industries operates with a real customer service call center. Therefore, you can call or email one centralized team for any type of issue, technical inquiries or questions about leadtime, shipping, tracking numbers, complaints and more. The customer service team will have the right answer to your question.

No need for you to wonder about who to talk to depending on the matter. For all questions, you have one point of contact to connect with a team who will look after your inquiry, from start to finish.

1-800-565-92301-800-565-9230 #1

Freight policy
DE LA FONTAINE Industries has revolutionized the market with its unique freight policy. Regardless of the product value, you pay a FIXED freight amount per product type, instead of a freight total as a percentage of your order’s value. For example, a $500 door has the same freight charge as a $150 door under our policy*.
No more surprises due to extra fees for fuel surcharges or palletisation: we simplify your work by grouping everything together. With DE LA FONTAINE Industries, you know the exact freight charges before you even place your order!
*Additional fee may apply.
Quality Assurance
More than a marketing promise, the reliability of our products and services is a moral commitment, one that is the focus of our research and investment:

  • Meet or exceed hollow standards of metal doors and frames manufacturing since 1974
  • State-of-the-art production tools and equipment
  • Highly qualified personnel, trained in renowned and respected institutions such as the Door and Hardware Institute and the Construction Specification Institute
  • Many possibilities offered regarding the shipping delay on most of standard or customized products

Steel Compliance
ASTM A653/A653M

Our galvannealed steel complies with ASTM A653/A653M (Standard specification for Steel Sheet, Zinc-coated (Galvanised) or Zinc Iron- Alloy Coated (Galvannealed) by the Hot Dip Process.

ASTM A240/A240M

Our stainless steel complies with ASTM A240/A240M (Standard Specification for Chromium and Chromium Nickel Stainless Steel Plate, Sheet and Strip for Pressure Vessels and for General Applications


For quality purpose, our steel gauge exceed industry standard NAAMM/HMMA 803 (steel tables).

Fire Rating
The basic requirements and limitations regarding DE LA FONTAINE Industries fire doors and frames are defined by the National Fire Protection Association, NFPA 80 (Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives).

Our products also comply with the following standards:

  • UL 10C (Standard Positive Fire Tests of Doors Assemblies)
  • NFPA 252 (Standard methods of Fire Tests of Door Assemblies)
  • NFPA 257 (Standard on Fire Test of Window and Glass Block Assemblies)
  • BS-476-22 British Standard (Fire Resistance Test to Building Material – Non loadbearing elements)

Because the DE LA FONTAINE Industries team is dedicated to innovation and new product development, we purchased our own testing facility. Once product development is complete, we perform a final test at Intertek Testing Services (ITS/Warnock Hersey) to receive their approval and obtain listing, labeling and follow-up services for the fire-rated products we manufacture*.

*For additional information on fire-rated doors and frames manufactured by DE LA FONTAINE Industries, contact your sales representative or our customer service team.

Primer and Paint
Our galvannealed steel is suitable for immediate painting, although we also offer water-borne primed products and factory prefinished products using a durable powder-coating process.


  • Our baked-on primer improves protection against humidity and corrosion and can be covered with any type of coating.
  • Water-borne, it complies with current environmental standards due to its low VOC content.
  • Our primer exceeds ANSI standard A250.10 (Test Procedures and Acceptance Criteria for Factory Applied Finish Painted on Steel Surfaces for Steel Doors and Frames).


  • Powder-coated paint is available for many of our products. Our standard color palette includes several colors and can be complemented by custom colors as needed. Please consult our “Paint” technical data sheet for more information.
  • Powder-coated paint:
    • Offers durability and a quality finish
    • Reduces coordination on jobsite
    • Does not contain any solvents or VOCs (volatile organic compounds
  • Exceeds ANSI Standards A250.3 (Test Procedures and Acceptance Criteria for Factory Applied Finish Painted on Steel Surfaces for Steel Doors and Frames).

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Our affiliations and accreditations

  • Door and Hardware Institute (DHI)
  • Steel Door Institute (SDI)
  • Construction Specification Institute (CSI)
  • National Association of Architectural Metal Manufacturers (NAAMM)
  • ITS Warnock Hersey + British Standards
  • AIA Provider
  • Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT)