Fire-Rated Doors

Behind each of our doors is an innovative idea, state-of-the-art technology and a team that strives to unite the strength of steel with the power of design.

Door series

To meet our clients’ needs, DE LA FONTAINE Industries offers a full range of high-performance steel door cores. No matter what type of door you need and how you plan to use it, we have a core to suit your project.

HC – Honeycomb Core
PS – Polystyrene Core
PU – Polyurethane Core
ST – Steel Stiffened Core
TR – Temperature Rise Core
STC – Acoustical Core
LL – Lead Line Core

Door models

Choose a model and have a door which respects the most demanding of performance standards and is resistant to fire and which will harmoniously integrate into your project.

RPD – Recessed Panel Doors
EMB – Pre-embossed Door
CED – Custom Embossed

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