DE LA FONTAINE Industries has adopted ecological principles aimed to consume less, pollute little and recycle more. Here are some examples of our commitments:

  • 100% recycling of steel waste
  • Recycling of production waste
  • Recycling of wood transport pallets

In addition, DE LA FONTAINE Industries products now contribute to LEED v4 certification.

Our Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) and chemical ingredient disclosure report for our products demonstrate how they are designed and manufactured. This commitment to transparency meets the most recent requirements for sustainable buildings.

Please contact the Customer service for any LEED-related information.


The total recycled content of our galvannealed steel is approximately 89.7%.

This includes:

  • A total post-consumer content of 50.6%
  • A total post-industrial content of 33.3%
  • The remaining 5.8% is comprised of home scrap.

The total recycled content of our stainless steel is over 85%. However, the mill makes no distinction as to the origin of the scrap.